Food & Fun

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The Union is more than a building, it's a destination. The hub of campus offers a variety of experiences for students, faculty, K-State alumni and fans, and the larger community. With so much to see and do, your options at the Union are nearly endless.

Hungry? The Union's market style street dining features mini-restaurants that offer a variety of food choices and seating locations. 

Not in the building? The Union gives you options around campus, including Radina's Coffeehouse locations in the Staley School of Leadership Studies, the Engineering Complex and the College of Business Administration building. Whatever your palette craves, your Union has the fix.

Bored? The Union is here to entertain you. The Union Program Council (UPC) provides movies throughout the academic year, from summer box office hits to independent documentaries. Bowling, arcade games and billiards at Wabash Cannon Bowl offers hours of fun.

Whether you are a K-State student, faculty or staff member, alumni or fan, the Union is your connection to campus. Enjoy yourself while you are here.