Get Refreshed

Counseling Services: K-State Counseling Services is now offering telehealth consultation for students who are in Kansas. They also have two ongoing Zoom series, Mindfulness Meetings and Emotional Fitness workshops.

  • Anxiety therapy group: Counseling Services will offer a free online anxiety therapy group during the summer session. Taming Your Anxious Mind will help students better understand anxiety and learn skills to manage anxiety through teaching and experiential activities as well as support. Visit the link for eligibility criteria.

Mindful Monday Mornings: A group of Kansas 4-Hers and volunteers are producing a weekly series dubbed "Mindful Monday Mornings" in which they will help people of all ages find creative ways to deal with stress during the current pandemic. The pre-recorded series will debut April 27 and appear each Monday at 10 a.m. on the K-State Research and Extension Facebook page.

myStrength: During this stressful time, myStrength is here for you. Learn ways to manage extreme stress, get tips for parenting during challenging times, and find support to help you take care of your emotional health.

Mental Health America: If you are struggling with mental health, use one of these online screening tools to gain a quick snapshot of your mental health. Following screening, you will be provided with information, resources and tools to help you understand and improve your mental health. If your results indicate you may be experiencing symptoms of a mental illness, consider sharing your results with someone. A mental health provider (such as a doctor or a therapist) can give you a full assessment and talk to you about options for how to feel better.

Bloom mobile app: Be covered for your mental health - Bloom is offering a free month of Bloom premium's digital therapy for everyone in need.

Calm mobile app: The free version of Calm includes timed meditation options, day 1 of all multi-day meditation programs (such as 7 Days of Focus or 21 Days of Calm), the Breathe Bubble and the sleep story titled Blue Gold. The app also has a large number of free scenes you can select from to play nature sounds and/or music in the background, on both the guided and unguided meditation.

GoNoodle: GoNoodle Good Energy at Home is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, and keep on learning! It offers free movement, yoga and mindfulness videos; downloadable curricular activities; and recommended off-screen home activities.

Manage your own anxiety to help your kids’ stress: K-State child development specialist offers tips to help families during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Make your own beauty mask: Refresh your mind and skincare regimen with two beauty masks that you can make yourself from the comfort of your own home. 

Social distancing alone: Mental health pros offer 9 tips for people quarantining solo, but you can still apply these if you're living with others.

How to break up time when every day feels like "Groundhog Day": If you can seize these days instead of dreading them, you can escape that Groundhog Day sensation of being stuck in time — and potentially even come out on the other side refreshed. Here are tips for how you can create the feeling of breaking things up, even when you can’t leave the house.

Combatting Zoom exhaustion: The "connected but disconnected" experience of Zoom exhaustion is real. Here are 6 ways to find balance and stay connected.

Work from home tips: Healthline breaks their tips down into helpful categories, including work from home newbies, parents, people with anxiety, people without an office, those with a partner, and seasoned pros. Add in their notes on taking effective breaks and you'll be ready to make the most of it.

DIY spa day on a budget: Treat yourself to a day of relaxation with homemade spa treatments that are free or easy on the wallet.

Find positive ways to deal with emotional eating: K-State nutritionist outlines alternative responses and tips on how to avoid eating traps during stressful times.

Mindful meditations: For an introduction to mindfulness meditation that you can practice on your own, download guided meditations ranging from 3-13 minute sessions.

Self-care tips and mental health apps: Visit the K-State Counseling Services website for self-care tips and recommendations on mental health apps that encompass meditation, goal tracking, journaling, affirmations and more. 

Active Minds: This website has launched a series of webinars focusing on mental health amid the COVID-19 crisis, plus they have other resources and wellness tips available for young adults, remote workers, parents, families and communities. Check their webinar schedule to watch live, or view recordings at any convenient time.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas wellness library: A BCBSKS account is not required to access many webinars, e-learning opportunities, videos and articles related to living a healthy, happy life. BCBSKS understands your well being goals are unique to you. So, no matter where you are on your journey to optimum health, you’ll find relevant resources and tools designed to help you make informed healthy choices and live your best life.