2018 Paint the U

Homecoming 2018 — Student Organizations Spirit Signs

Homecoming 2018 logo

Display your student organization's worldwide purple pride by participating in the Union Spirit Sign competition! First place organization wins $200! Sign up below.

Drop off date: Sunday, October 7   

Time: 6 pm - 7 pm         

Location: K.S.U. Ballroom, second floor, K-State Student Union

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Must be a registered student organization to participate.
  2. Organizations may partner to enter. All organization names need to be on the front of the sign.
  3. The sign can only be decorated on one side.
  4. The use of electricity/batteries is not allowed.
  5. A contact name and phone number must be included on the back of the sign. This number will be used if a problem should arise with the sign.
  6. No obscene language or images may be used.
  7. The K-State Student Union reserves the right to display only those signs deemed to be in good taste.
  8. All supplies will be provided by your organization (The Union will supply the frame, the board that you will paint, and drop clothes. Organizations will supply paint, brushes, and other supplies).
  9. No spray can paint.
  10. No promoting your organization events.

Student Organizations sign up:

  • September 24 to September 28 by 5pm

Items Provided:

  • Base frame
  • Foam Board 4x8
  • Drop Cloths

Supply Pickup: September 30

  • September 30, 6pm - 7 pm

  • If organizations need a location to paint their board, the K.S.U ballroom is available the following dates, otherwise, you may take your board and paint at your own location.
    • Sunday, Sept. 30 7-10pm
    • Monday, Oct. 1 7am-10pm
    • Tuesday, Oct. 2 7am-10pm

Board drop off:  6pm, Sunday, October 7 in the K.S.U. Ballroom in the Union

Prize levels:

  • First place: $200
  • Second place: $100
  • Third place: $50
  • Fan Favorite: $50

Judging: Union ambassadors will judge designs and decide winners

Boards will be displayed in the Union during Homecoming week.

Publicity campaign will also be running for students to vote for their favorite sign using #painttheU.

Typing your name here acknowledges that you have read and accepted the terms and agreements above.