Get Involved

Activities Expo courtyard

Kansas State University encourages its students to get involved and express their passion for the K-State family by participating in one of the 475+ registered student organizations found on campus. Oftentimes, this involvement begins at the Union.

As the home of Union-supported organizations, campus services, student group meetings and impromptu social experiences, the Union provides a space for students to discover their niche, fine-tune their talents and develop friendships. 

Get Engaged (Virtually!)

Even though K-Staters can't gather in the campus living room right now, the Union is committed to still connecting with students from a distance! This collection of free activities and resources can help Wildcats and their families have fun, keep learning, and stay healthy and engaged with each other and the community from a safe distance. Browse the categories for ideas and links that you can use in a home setting or online.

  • Union Organizations

    The Union is the epicenter of student development. Union-supported organizations offer diverse programs and services for the K-State student body. 

  • Campus Organizations

    As the hub of student involvement, the Union houses several campus organizations that provide services and programs for the K-State student body.

K-State 360

K-State 360 is a program designed to provide students with a well-rounded experience of co-curricular programs with the ultimate goal of helping students stand out to future employers or graduate and professional schools. Events held in the Union are often registered as K-State 360 activities, which allows students to track their involvement within different categories.