Advertise at the Union

rows of advertising tables on Bosco Student Plaza

Want to promote your event or message to the K-State community? Advertise with the Union! Reach thousands of faculty, staff and students each day when you publicize your event, organization or product at the Union. 

Registered student organizations and university departments that are recognized by Kansas State University may submit requests to advertise within the Union. 

two women laughing at outdoor advertising table

The Stats

  • 8,000 visits per day
  • 12,000 events per year
  • 110,000 games bowled per year
  • Nearly 25,000 student population


No charge for university departments and registered student organizations

This is only for University Departments and Student Organizations

  • Table tents: $150/two weeks
  • Table tent space can be reserved in order to advertise for a variety of events. Groups may reserve a two-week block (based on availability) with the Union director of marketing.
    • Table tent guidelines:
      • No larger than 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
 when folded
      • Use cover weight paper
      • Must be neat and present a positive appearance
      • Must identify the sponsoring group
      • Must include the Union logo
      • Only one table tent per table
      • The sponsoring organization or department is responsible for the distribution, replenishment, and removal of the table tents
  • Union bulletin board: no charge
    • The Union bulletin board on the ground floor (near the Copy Center) is available for posters from registered student organizations, faculty organizations, student living groups, Union Program Council, Union Governing Board, and university departments.
    • Limited to one poster per event
    • Must be approved by the Union's Directors Office
    • Posters must:
      • Be no smaller than 8 1/2" x 11" nor larger than 14" x 22".
      • Bear the name of the sponsoring organization.
      • The poster may be posted no longer than two weeks prior to the event.
      • No glue, tape, or other adhesives may be used to secure posters; use thumbtacks provided.
      • Not to be hung to obscure posters already placed.
      • All foreign language posters must have English translation on the front side.
      • Registered student organizations may post information on fundraising activities providing the fundraising event is registered with CSI. 3.
    • If the organization wishes to keep its poster, it must be noted on the back of the poster.

This is only for University Departments and Student Organizations

This is only for Off-Campus Organizations

  • Marketing table
    • Local business: $270/day
    • Regional or national company: $500/day
  • Activation in the Courtyard or Bosco Student Plaza: $1500/day
  • Commercial sales event: Base rate + 10% of sales

This is only for Off-Campus Organizations

  • Social media
  • ​​Email blast to students (25,000): $500/email
  • Digital board promotions on 8 Union monitors: $500/week
  • 16 bowling center monitors: $750/week

Please note: Any unauthorized advertising will be discarded without notice.

Contact Audrey Taggart-Kagdis at for pricing and advertising details.