Passport Center


The Union accepts passport applications on behalf of the U.S. Department of State. Passports are processed by appointment only.

Application forms are available at or at the Union Acceptance Center.

Passport Application Steps

  • Contact the Union Passport Acceptance Center at 785-532-6591 to schedule an appointment. Appointment times are available between 9 - 11 a.m. and 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Bring completed application and required documents to the Union Director’s Office, Room 214.
  • The Union will submit applications to the State Department.
  • Routine: Save $60. Door-to-door service in 8-11 weeks 
    Expedited: Costs an extra $60. Door-to-door service in 5-7 weeks 

What to Bring

  • Unsigned Passport Application Form completed in black ink
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship (one of the following)
    • Certified U.S. birth certificate with full names of both parents. See for exceptions. 
    • Previously issued, undamaged U.S. passport
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Certificate of citizenship
  • Proof of Identity (one of the following)
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Current government ID
    • Military ID           
  • 2 x 2-inch photo (can be taken at the Union during your scheduled appointment time)
  • Applicable fees (see below)

Passport photos can be taken in the Union. Photo fee is $15 for two 2"x2" photos.

Children aged 16-17 must be accompanied by one parent. For children under age 16, the child and both parents and/or legal guardian(s) must appear in person and present the following:

  • Evidence of the child’s U.S. citizenship
  • Evidence of the child’s relationship to parents/guardian(s)
  • Parental/guardian identification

If only one parent can appear, you must also submit one of the following:

  • DS-3053 Statement of Consent Form and a copy, front and back, of non-applying parent's ID
  • Second parent’s notarized written statement consenting to issuance for the child with a photocopy, front and back, of non-applying parent’s ID
  • Primary evidence of sole authority to apply
  • A written statement (made under penalty of perjury) explaining the second parent’s unavailability


Passport Book

Used for all international travel by all means of transportation.

  Passport Fees* Expedited Fees

Acceptance & Photo Fees** (Separate Payment)

Adult $130 $190

$35 / $50 with photo

Minor (under 16) $100 $160

$35 / $50 with photo

1-2 day delivery from the Department of State to the customer (passport book only)

$18.32   n/a

Passport Card

The U.S. passport card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book. The passport card cannot be used for international travel by air.

  Passport Fees* Expedited Fees Acceptance & Photo Fees** (Separate Payment)
Adult $30 $90

$35 / $50 with photo

Minor (under 16) $15 $75

$35 / $50 with photo

*Passport application fee payments should be made payable to the Department of State by check or money order only.

**Passport acceptance and photo fee payments should be made payable to the K-State Student Union by cash, check or credit card.

Passport Renewal

Renew a U.S. Passport by mail if all of the following are true. Your most recent U.S. Passport:

  • Is undamaged and can be submitted with your application
  • Was issued when you were age 16 or older
  • Was issued within the last 15 years
  • Was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change with an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or the government-issued document evidencing your legal name change

If any of the above statements do not apply to you,  you must make an appointment to have your passport processed. 

For additional travel information, visit


Phone: 785-532-6591