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Animated knots: The website features easy-to-follow intructions on a huge array of knots, ranging from neckties and household needs to boating, fishing, scouting and more.


Help design COVID-19 drugs in a cross between 3D Tetris and Minecraft: If you like solving puzzles, scientists want your help to start designing potential drugs to combat the coronavirus using a game you can play on your computer. The citizen-science project, known as Foldit, hopes to start turning designs into actual drugs within a month. Asking untrained people to design drugs sounds like pie in the sky. But the science behind the project is very real, independent researchers say.

Geoguessr: Guess your location based on the Google street view; create a free account to play a limited number of games per day. A range of maps are available to play, including the world, specific countries, famous places and more.


Powercat Financial: Take charge of your money rather than letting it take charge of you. Powercat Financial is continuing to accept student appointment requests for Zoom or phone sessions. They're ready to help current K-State students navigate topics like creating a personal college financial plan, budgeting, saving, credit use, debt management, student loan planning/repayment, transitioning to work after college, understanding job offers and employment benefits, and identity theft.

K-State experts on receiving stimulus checks and tax refunds: If you’ve received – or will be receiving – a stimulus check from the federal government, it’s a good idea to have a plan for what you will do with that money. Same goes if you are expecting a tax refund, say K-State experts. 


Digital recipe access through the Manhattan Public Library: One of the library's columns in the The Manhattan Mercury talks about recipes available through online resources. Don't forget, you have free access to The Mercury through the library's online resources page.

The 40 Best Healthy Cookie Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings: Cookies belong in everyone's diet, and these decadent (but good-for-you!) recipes are here to prove it. Whether you're following a specific meal plan or just looking for a guilt-free way to indulge in some sweet treats, there's a healthy cookie recipe for you — and we promise the finished products won't taste like cardboard.

Cook once, eat for a month: K-State Research and Extension shares tips for long-term meal planning. If preparing for a whole month seems daunting, adapt their recommendations to plan for a week or two at a time.

6 calming reminders if cooking is stressing you out: Be honest. Bet on the basics. Whether you’re a new home cook or a seasoned one, providing for yourself or an extended fam, these 6 reminders will help you cook smart, cook easily, and cook calmly.

Using what's in your pantry with the Barefoot Contessa: Have lots of ramen noodles? Want to bake but no yeast in the house? Trying to use up what's in the pantry? Chef and baker Ina Garten is sharing recipes on Instagram focused around common pantry ingredients, substituting for what you may be missing, and customizing meals to use what you do have.

Celebrity chef YouTube roundup: This article highlights several YouTube channels of famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Antoni Porowski and Tyler Florence that can help teach you how to cook. It also highlights some other websites and apps you can use to freshen up your skills in the kitchen regardless of your experience level, but note that not all of those are free.


Kansas Garden Guide and Vegetable Planting Guide: Looking to grow some of your own food this year? K-State Research and Extension has two booklets available for free online that include everything you need to know to get started! The Kansas Garden Guide gives a comprehensive, easy to understand overview of planning a garden, composting, improving soil, seeding and planting, watering, insect and disease control, and more, including an extensive section on how to grow specific vegetables and herbs. The Vegetable Planting Guide provides a garden calendar highlighting suggested planting and harvest dates.

10 reasons college students should garden: From stress-relief to cost-efficiency, there are many reasons that college students should work on their green thumbs.

Local gardening tips: A Riley County K-State Research and Extension horticulture agent provides gardening tips for the local area in a KMAS In Focus radio segment April 3, 2020.

Fourth of July tomatoes? Make a plan for early May planting: K-State horticulture specialist shares how home gardeners with an eye on being the envy of their neighbors in early July will have an opportunity in early May to get a jump start on planting tomatoes.

Propagating succulents: If your succulent is outgrowing its pot, or you simply want to have some more, here are some easy tips for turning one succulent into many!


10 best free movie streaming services: Stream all the movies and TV you want without paying a dime. Here's the scoop on Crackle, IMDb TV, Plex, Pluto and more. Learn about 10 services offering totally free, totally legal movies you can watch on smart TVs, media streamers and mobile devices. Some offer TV shows as well. Just be prepared to sit through commercials, because that's how most of these services pay the bills.

Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies: Lionsgate is streaming four free movies via their YouTube in a star-studded celebration of the theatrical filmgoing experience hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis and brought to you LIVE. Films include The Hunger Games (April 17), Dirty Dancing (Apri 24), La La Land (May 1) and John Wick (May 8).

"Staying In with Emily & Kumail" podcast: Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani are uniquely qualified to lead you through this forced quarantine situation...Let us advise you on how to stay calm and avoid cabin fever. Let us give you entertainment recommendations. Let us give you constant updates on the squirrel vs. bird war happening right outside our window. Let us not talk about the C word at all. And most of all, let us take all of the [advertising] proceeds from this podcast and spread it amongst charities that are helping those who are hit hardest by this quarantine. Find it on your preferred podcast platform.

Homemade movie theatre: Whether you live with friends, family or even by yourself, the fun atmosphere of a homemade movie theatre can elevate a standard evening to a fun event. Have little Wildcats at home? Recruit them to help draw tickets, movie posters or concession stand signs.

Netflix Party: Link up with friends and host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties. Only available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

Quarantine BINGO: If you search "quarantine bingo" or "work from home bingo," plenty of cards come up, ranging from quirky to spot-on. See who has a bingo among your friends, or make your own card.

Harry Potter at Home: The wizarding world is casting a Banishing Charm on boredom with things to keep you occupied – from special activity kits from Bloomsbury to Scholastic, to nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends how to draw a Niffler!) fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and more. Plus, free access to the first book in ebook and audiobook form.

Hogwarts digital escape room: You can complete this escape room as a group or as individual. Compete against friends and try it multiple times.