K-State Student Union Ambassadors

Group photo of current Ambassadors

Looking for leadership opportunities? Passionate about K-State?

Union Ambassadors are the face and voice of the Union, representing the student spirit presence in the building. Serving as the initial point of contact for various interactions, Ambassadors act as liaisons between the Union and campus organizations.

As Union representatives, Ambassadors offer guidance and information on Union services, programs and opportunities to prospective students, visitors, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni. Ambassadors strive to enhance the Union experience while also maintaining the Union mission.

What makes a good ambassador?

Ambassadors should possess the following characteristics: leadership skills, outgoing personality and a passion for K-State.

What does an ambassador do?

K-State Student Union Ambassadors provide outstanding leadership by becoming a liaison with prospective students, on-campus organizations and the Manhattan/K-State community to promote the Union and its services, programs and opportunities.


Kyle McGuire, Lead Ambassador kmcguire95@ksu.edu
Addison Beutler addiebeutler@ksu.edu
Ben Thompson bdthomps@ksu.edu
Elijah Darey ejdarey@ksu.edu
Hannah Steinert hsteinert@ksu.edu
Konnor Pendland konner@ksu.edu
Morgan Stahl morgan79@ksu.edu
Noah Kaifes noahkaifes@ksu.edu
Reagan Sheffield rosheffi@ksu.edu
Thomas Christenson thomase4444@ksu.edu
Lily Hurt ilyzh98@ksu.edu
Nathan Sellers sellersn8463@ksu.edu
Haidar Almatar almatar@ksu.edu
Lauren Russell lerussel@ksu.edu
Muhjaazee Love mjzzjazzy@ksu.edu
Elizabeth Donaldson eadonald@ksu.edu
Emily Everhart eeeverhart@ksu.edu



Phone: 785-532-7202

Email: akagdis@k-state.edu