Affiliate ID Card Update

The Kansas State University Affiliate ID Card program is being replaced by the Visiting Scholar ID Card program. All rights, privileges and access for the affiliate card have been suspended. Scholars still using the affiliate ID should be directed to the K-State ID Center on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union to acquire an updated card at no cost. All other persons using this card for access to resources or privileges will need to contact individual departments for continued access.

Former affiliate ID card New visiting scholar ID card
former horizontal affiliate ID card picturing Willie Wildcat
new vertical visiting scholar ID card picturing Willie Wildcat

Scholars should bring DS-2019 or F1 papers to the K-State ID Center to receive the official ID card that can be used to receive access, privileges or resources on K-State’s campuses. For further information, please contact the K-State ID Center at or call 785-532-6399.