Stay healthy with Union's flu season survival guide

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Flu season is upon us, K-Staters! We know it’s impossible to live in a germ-free bubble all semester, so we’ve gathered some resources to help you take care of yourself this fall.

Flu Shots: Your Best Defense!

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, what are you waiting for? Receiving a flu shot not only decreases the severity of the flu if you catch it, it also protects those around you who have weaker immune systems, such as young children or seniors. Do it for your grandma!  

You can get a flu shot at Lafene Health Center: $22 for students and $25 for non-students. Please bring your student or staff ID card and insurance information. The Union also has hand sanitizers at all its entrances.

Wilie the Wildcat walks into Lafene Health Center.


Did your best but still got the flu? Cats’ Den is here for you. Drop in and grab your cold and flu medicine, tissues or Gatorade to start feeling better faster. Eating well is also crucial to staying healthy during flu season! Grab a make-your-own-salad or daily soup special at Union Kitchen or clear your stuffy nose with a spicy burrito bowl from Qdoba. Check out other Union restaurants here.

An image of a display of cold medicine at Cats' Den

Bundle up

To the students wearing shorts and flip-flops when it's 40 degrees outside, listen up! Exposure to cold and dry air can weaken your immune system, so it's important to wear layers as you trek across campus. Sweaters, hoodies, scarves and gloves will help you stay toasty all-semester long. Guess where you can get all those and show off your school pride? The K-State Campus Store! Check them out during their Oct. 17-20 four-day-sale (in-store and online) to snag some cozy cold-weather clothes.

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Brighten your day

After you get bundled up, catch some rays out on Bosco Student Plaza. Sunlight gives off vitamin D, which boosts your mood and your immune system. Plus, there are always events going on out there. It's a win-win! Check out the Union Program Council to see what events they've got coming up on the Plaza. Plus, catch a weekend movie with UPC, join a student organization or check out a UPC All Meeting to pitch your own ideas for fun campus events.

K-State Farmers Market

Have fun

Flu season aside, it's important to do something fun during the stressful semester! Wabash Cannon Bowl is a great option to have some fun at the Union. Bowl with friends, shoot some pool or play pinball in the arcade. Grab a snack or drink too at the bowling center’s front desk after the fun!

Image of Wabash Cannon Bowl bowling lane

Go to your happy place

Still stressing about school? Look past finals, picture yourself on a tropical beach and start planning your winter break vacation! You can even apply for your passport at the Union’s Passport Center.


Good luck and stay healthy, Wildcats!

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