Good Morning to U!

cat curled around coffee cup, text says "but first, coffee"

Your phone alarm goes off... after you snoozed it five times. Quick! Spray some dry shampoo! Find your backpack! Is this sweatshirt clean? *sniff* Clean enough. Out the door, no time for breakfast!

Sound familiar?

Don't let a rushed morning keep you from having enough energy to make it through the day. With three breakfast dining options at the Union, you can grab something to-go as you race across campus to your first class, or take a few minutes to sit and relax if you're more of an early bird.

Cats' Den

When you're trying to beat the clock, Cats' Den is the breakfast destination of choice. Hot coffee is brewed daily, but if you need to sprint across campus, they have a variety of bottled drinks, including juices and Starbucks frappuccinos. Packaged muffins and protein bars are perfect for sliding into a backpack. And if you need to freshen up for a meeting, interview or presentation, they have a range of personal hygeine items, such as deodorant, hairbrushes and chewing gum. 


The expansive drink menu at Radina's has something to jumpstart everyone from the early birds to the still-groggy night owls. Coffee or tea – hot or iced – flavored or plain – the options are endless. Add a satisfying breakfast burrito, fluffy pastry, hearty quiche or fruit-filled yogurt to make it a complete meal.


Did you think the Union Chick-fil-A only offered nuggets and waffle fries? Breakfast is served from 9-10:30 a.m., featuring warm, flaky biscuits as part of several breakfast sandwich options. Check out the different combinations of sausage, egg, bacon and more to see what sounds good today.