Life Through My Eyes Art Exhibit 2022

Anita Easterwood

Inspired by the beauty of everyday life, Kansas State University alumnus Anita Easterwood creates artwork that celebrates her love for people, history and culture.

Easterwood’s discovery for her love of art began early as her father is also an artist. The Kansas City native has explored her love for art through the inspirations of the “everyday person” by capturing the essence and the moment through her viewpoint as an artist. 

“The ‘everyday person’ has various social identities that intersect in shaping us into who we are. And my identity as a black woman has influenced my artistry. It has been important to me as a black woman to take a moment in my art to celebrate the beauty and sophistication that black women embody. Beyond that, I also highlight the Black culture and community in my pieces because those are facets of my life that have molded me into the person I am which inherently shapes my lens as an artist” said Easterwood.

Easterwood’s exhibit “Life Through My Eyes” will display at the William T. Kemper Art Gallery in the K-State Student Union from Monday, Jan. 24 through Monday, Feb. 28, 2022.