Employee Achievement Award

Employee Achievement Award name plaque
The Employee Achievement Award recognizes employees that exemplify and embody the mission and values of the Union. It is awarded each spring and fall to at least one staff member and student employee. Individuals are nominated by peers and selected based on outstanding achievements.

Past Recipients

Fall 2002: Randi Knott and Nina Moss

Spring 2003: Matt Jacobs and Dolores Helmholtz

Fall 2003: Robert Pape and Maxine Jevons

Spring 2004: Erin Ludvicek, Paula Connors and Minda Mays

Fall 2004: Terry Collins, Robert Motley, Chris Cramer and Chris Thompson

Spring 2005: Carolyn Rose, Jennifer Kneisel and Trisha Urrutia

Fall 2005: Ben Hopper, Bob Sultzer, Kevin Keatley and Jami Meier

Spring 2006: Brad Cunningham and Jeff White

Fall 2006: Stephanie Beach, Pharamond Guice and Rhonda McCabe

Spring 2007: Ray Myers, Vinnie Castillo, Caitlyn Arnold and Amanda Phillips

Fall 2007: Adam Walker, Karl Childs and Orlando Perez

Spring 2008: Mike Farres, Allie Moore, Cole McDaniel and Barbra Shannon

Fall 2008: Beth Coon, Nancy Umscheid and Kim Kendall

Spring 2009: Steve Blank, Amy Armstrong, Sandy Barnes and Nelson Barton

Fall 2009: Katie Brake, Tahnee Matuszewicz, Martin Sanchez and Danise Telck

Spring 2010: Keith Hauck, Rae Pendelton, Mark Meier and Jessica Milakis

Fall 2010 

  • Student recipients: Julianna Falls, computer store; Chris Gaertner, building operations; and Robert Sexton, office supply
  • Staff recipients: Jim Delisle and Neal Thompson, building operations

Spring 2011

  • Student recipients: Jordan Bartholomew, recreation; and Dori Stevens, Cats' Den/Café Q
  • Staff recipient: James "Tiny" Thornhill, building operations

Fall 2011 

  • Student recipient: Maggie Stephens, marketing
  • Staff recipient: Shalaun Johnson, Caribou Coffee

Spring 2012 

  • Student recipient: Robert Howard, building operations
  • Staff recipient: Emily Osterhaus, food service

Fall 2012 

  • Student recipient: Morgan Lindsay, maintenance
  • Staff recipient: Courtney Grecu, ID center

Spring 2013 

  • Student recipient: Jacob Ternes, programs
  • Staff recipient: Dan Barnes, computer store

Fall 2013 

  • Student recipient: Michelle Allison, human resources
  • Staff recipient: John Frese, maintenance

Spring 2014 

  • Student recipient: Shannon Hush, student design center
  • Staff recipient: Joel Knarr, information technology

Fall 2014 

  • Student recipient: Ernest Harwell, bowling center
  • Staff recipient: Eve Grimm, computer store

Spring 2015 

  • Student recipient: Jordan Weber, information technology
  • Staff recipient: Erika Davis, programs

Fall 2015 

  • Student recipient: Eva Landess, business office
  • Staff recipient: Emily Johnson, human resources

Spring 2016

  • Student recipient: Takara Brownridge, ID center
  • Staff recipients: Medina Roynon, director's office; and Shannon Wilson, programs

Fall 2016 

  • Student recipient: Antoinette Lona, programs
  • Staff recipient: Kedric Elmore, building operations

Spring 2017 

  • Student recipient: Megan Varhola, programs
  • Staff recipient: Joseph Williams, building operations

Spring 2018

  • Student recipients: Seth Boswell and Elizabeth Scharping, marketing
  • Staff recipient: Joe Gibby, maintenance

Fall 2018 

  • Student recipient: Alexander Riggins, building operations
  • Staff recipient: April Boeckman, director's office

Spring 2019

  • Student recipient: Thomas Holscher, marketing
  • Staff recipient: Robert Howard, information technology

Fall 2019

  • Student recipient: Jerrad Kutina, building operations
  • Staff recipient: Kelly Van Cleave, programs

Spring 2020: 

  • Student recipient: Andrew Marsh, programs
  • Staff recipient: Joel Knarr, information technology

Fall 2020:

  • Student recipients: Zachary Dillinger and Erin Stroup, marketing
  • Staff recipient: Naomi Rodriguez, programs

Spring 2021:

  • Student recipient: Brooke Colglazier, building operations
  • Staff recipient: Jeff White, marketing

Fall 2021:

  • Student recipients: Zachary Dillinger, marketing
  • Staff recipient: Clayton Nelson, building operations

Spring 2022:

  • Student recipient: Haley Krueger, retail services
  • Staff recipient: John May, manager, building maintenance