Student/Part-Time Opportunities

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"The hours were flexible and corresponded to my class schedule, and everyone in my office is focused on seeing me succeed as a student as well as an employee."

"I am learning time management skills and ways to interact with tons of different people and personalities. These skills will give me a head start in whatever career I may find myself in, in the future."

Student/Part-Time Opportunities and Benefits

Benefits for student and part-time staff at the Union include:

  • Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 are eligible for an annual scholarship in the amount of $500 ($250 per semester) from the Union.
  • Hourly student employees are exempt from social security and Medicare taxes being withheld. This is commonly referred to as FICA; the current FICA rate is 7.65% of gross wages.
  • Students enjoy a flexible work schedule because school is priority number one.  
  • Students can participate in the many fun Union employee social events.
  • Student employees receive discounts at Campus Store, Cats’ Den, Bowling Center, & select Union restaurants. 
  • Students enjoy easy access to work by staying right here on campus. 
  • The pride that comes along with working at the #16 ranked best college union in the country! (According to, 2017)
  • Advancement opportunities are available.
  • Learn and develop essential skills for the future:
    • Dependability/Accountability
    • Work Ethic
    • Honesty and Integrity
    • Career-Specific Responsibilities
    • Communication
    • Customer Service
    • Motivation and Initiative
    • Teamwork
    • Organization/Time-Management
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Flexibility and Adaptability
    • Diversity-Minded
    • Safety-Consciousness
    • Leadership 

Building Operations Assistant

Responsibilities: Clean and set up rooms for special or catered events; this includes lifting and/or moving chairs and tables, sweeping carpets, wiping down furniture and windows, and scrubbing floors. Check all rooms during a shift to ensure set-up and cleanliness. Set up and take down folding tables and chairs as well as other set-up equipment as directed. Periodically wipe down chairs and tables. Dump trash cans and take trash to the trash room. Keep custodial closets clean by putting carts, vacuums and cleaning supplies back after use and disposing of trash as needed. Work with different cleaning chemicals in a safe manner. Pick up trash in restrooms on a regular basis and stock toilet paper and paper towels as needed. Dump trash, flush toilets, clean mirrors and wipe down sink areas to ensure bathroom cleanliness. Report any repairs that are needed to maintenance repair technicians and take broken furniture directly to the shop area. Maintain a high standard of customer service by assisting customers in a courteous and professional manner. Assist in any other custodial duties that are assigned to promote the well-being of the Union. 

Preferred Qualifications: Ability to lift up to 40 lbs. Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time while having to bend repeatedly. Ability to understand verbal and written instructions. Visual acuity and finger dexterity to operate equipment. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Films Assistant

Responsibilities: Will assume one of the following roles each night you work: ticket seller (sell tickets for the UPC film and collect money from paying customers) or projectionist (control the projection, preview DVD, lighting and sound of the UPC movie). Must be able to work Friday and Saturday nights since most films are shown at that time. Work with the Building Manager to ensure that the evening’s cash bag is taken care of properly and that any problems with equipment/facility are addressed. Demonstrate high standard of customer service skills and always remain courteous and professional. Set up the UPC table and film suggestion box during film showings. Complete proper film paperwork.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience in handling money. Ability to work independently. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. Ability to manage large crowds. Ability to problem solve.

Physical Demands: Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time.


Maintenance Assistant

Responsibilities: Assist in repairing equipment and structural items in the Union. Assist in troubleshooting leaks, stoppages, and inadequate supply or faulty operations of water, steam, gas and airlines. Make appropriate repairs to help prevent future occurrences. Maintain a safe environment in the shop by cleaning and storing appropriate tools. Assist in duties that may pertain to cleaning the plaza, painting, staining, varnishing, fixing light fixtures and emergency lights testing. Operate a two-way radio. Demonstrate a high standard of customer service by assisting customers throughout the building.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience using basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, etc. Experience using power tools such as saws, drills, etc.

Physical Demands: Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time while having to bend repeatedly.


Retail Services Team Member

Responsibilities: Responsible for customer experience by maintaining efficient, fast, friendly and personalized services by developing a rapport with our customers. Be knowledgeable with our products and services. Maintain the highest quality products by adhering to standard food safe procedures. Accurately ring orders into the cash register and count back change to customers. Report all customer complaints to manager on duty and respond proactively to prevent customer service situations. Report potential safety hazards, employee incidents and operational inconsistencies to the manager on duty. Maintain a clean, safe and organized work environment. Other duties as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications: Customer service experience, cash handling experience and cash register experience.

Physical Demands: Ability to lift up to 30 lbs. Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time while bending and twisting from waist frequently.


Union Programs Assistant
$8 /hour

Responsibilities: Demonstrate high standard of customer service. Answer questions, phone calls and emails about programs and events; make copies; and distribute mail. Being attentive and respecting confidentiality. Type and proofread UPC documents. Count posters for distribution to campus mailing list, Residence Halls and academic buildings. Post fliers around campus when needed. Sell tickets for UPC functions. Maintain files and records. Input survey data and other forms. Assist advisors and co-chairs with various tasks. Greet visitors with a warm welcome. Chalk around campus to promote when needed. Maintain a clean, organized workspace. Availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 8 am to 12 pm is needed.

Preferred Qualifications: Excellent interpersonal and effective communication skills. General knowledge of office procedures and office equipment. Experience in handling money/monetary transactions. Excellent organizational skills. A positive attitude and being dependable.


Employment Application

We are an equal opportunity employer and actively seek diverse employees. See the non-discrimination policy at The final, non-student part-time candidate must pass a criminal history check as related to the position.