K-State Esports - More Than Gaming

Gaming on a new level.

Esports has found a home in the K-State Student Union. Located next to the Wabash Cannon Bowl in the Union’s lower level, the arena is outfitted with 24 Cyberpower PCs and two Nintendo Switches, an Xbox series  X with more to come. Esports is open from 11 am to 9 pm, Monday-Friday and noon to 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday. 

The K-State Esports Club is a student organization dedicated to fostering a community of individuals who are passionate about playing video games at all levels. Participating in esports allows students to practice and develop key soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and time management. The club is also welcoming those who do not wish to participate in competitive gaming but wish to be involved in other activities and events. As club members, students are able to access the space for free.

There are currently 25 teams playing in eight leagues. The Valorant JV won their NACE division with the League of Legends Varsity team placing as runner-up in their NECC division. The Rainbow Six Siege team were runners-up in the NACE National Open Division, and Counter-Strike Varsity got third in the National NACE division, winning $625 for the students. 

The organization hosts sponsors and competes in gaming tournaments throughout the year. Upcoming tournaments include The Heartland Showdown which will be hosted in the new arena on Saturday, Feb. 25. The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament will be Saturday, Mar. 25, with an expectation of more than 100 competitors.  There are weekly Smash Brother tournaments each Friday.

Community is a large part of what makes the K-State Esports club different from other organizations. Ben Counts, esports coordinator explains, "We wanted to make a place that is welcoming to all backgrounds and skill levels, more than just the 25 to 40 most talented students, here on campus we want to engage with any student who has a passion for gaming."

There are two esports CAT Communities launching in fall 2023, residential and non-residential. Click on the links to find out more information.

Pay to Play gives everyone a chance to be part of the action. With arena rates for the general public and K-State student and employee pricing, each person can be a gamer. 

The Union’s mission is to serve all, especially students, with facilities that provide services, programs, leadership experiences, and educational opportunities which foster a sense of well-being and belonging in an inclusive community.