ID Center

Willie Wildcat in the ID Center

The K-State ID Center is located on the Union's ground floor. 

All students, faculty and staff get their Wildcat Cards at the K-State ID Center. Your Wildcat Card is your official university ID and can be used as a:

  • Photo ID
  • Access/Entry Card
  • Computer Lab Printing Card
  • Library Card
  • Cat Cash On-Campus Debit Account
  • Meal Plan Debit Card

To ensure a long life for your card, please do not mark on or bend your card, punch holes in your card, place stickers on your card or scratch the magnetic strip. If your ID is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the K-State ID Center. Lost or stolen cards can be flagged to prevent further use. The Union is not liable for losses incurred by individuals due to stolen Wildcat Cards. There is a $20 fee for the replacement of a Wildcat Card.

ID Center Policies  Report a lost ID

Global Campus Wildcat ID

To apply for a distance learning Wildcat ID, click the button below to begin the application process. Application criteria listed in the ID Center Policies.

Global Campus Wildcat ID  

Digital pictures to be used on the Wildcat card must conform to the following restrictions:

Color No shadows on the face or background
Taken in front of a plain white background No hats or head covers, sunglasses, headphones or wireless devices that obstruct the face
Full face view looking directly at the camera No glare on glasses
Neutral facial expression No other visible people, pets, or objects in the photo
Both eyes open No side angle of the face
Capture area of 3 inches below the chin and 2 inches above the top of the head No Black and white photo
In .jpg or .jpeg format, no larger than 6MB No group photo
  No blurry photo
  No inappropriate expression

Cat Cash

Cat Cash is ideal for anyone who carries a Wildcat ID Card and spends time on campus. A prepaid, declining balance debit account to use for purchases on the K-State campus, Cat Cash is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain online. Learn more about Cat Cash here.

Deposit here


Phone: 785-532-6399