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Time Clock Basics

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  • Cash Handling Worksheet
  • Check Request
    • This form is used to request payment to vendors, companies, and individuals that rendered a product or service to the Union, or that a refund needs to be provided to but the Union has not received an invoice from the vendor, company, or individual (such as UPC contract, ID Center Cat Cash refund, etc.) 
  • Coding Expenses for Payment Procedures
  • Cross Departmental Expense Approval Procedures
  • Customer Information Form
    • This form is used to set up an Accounts Receivable (AR) account with Business Services in order to submit an invoice for payment, credit, or adjustment to the customer. This form also ensures the Union has the most accurate customer contact information to verify the customer's tax-exempt status. Business Services must have a current Customer Information Form prior to any service or product being provided to the customer. 
  • Fixed Assets
  • Invoice Request Form
    • This form is used for the billing of services and products that the K-State Student Union provided to a customer.
  • Petty Cash Request Form
    • This form is used to request petty cash (generally for a reimbursement when personal funds were used to purchase an authorized product or service on behalf of the Union).
  • Travel Request Form
    • This form is used to give Union leadership an overview of the strategic purposed of the travel and an estimate of the cost of the travel. This form must be completed and approved prior to making any travel arrangements and regardless of whether the travel expense was budgeted and approved prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. 
  • Unbudgeted Expense Justification Form
    • This form is to be completed and approved prior to incurring any unbudgeted expense(s) of $500.00 or more. 

Union employees are expected to adhere to the university's Principles of Community.

Union Employee Policies & Procedures Manual


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